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Kali - Survival

Kali - Survival
LabelMateria Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Kali - Big Bang
02 Kali - The Phoenix
03 Kali - Mind Control
04 Kali - New World Order
05 Kali - Darkness
06 Kali - Inside
07 Kali - Nano Technologies
08 Kali - Altered States
09 Kali - Survival
10 Kali - Despertar

Materia Records is continuing its non stop sequence of impact releases which is bringing to you now the debut album of KALI. Manuel Mata born in Barcelona and from very young he was attracted by electronic music and synthesizers. After a deep and intense development inside his studio and 14 releases in prestigious labels, the time had come to show this piece of his pure talent. Long time, delicate try outs in compilations and a brain full fill of music it the subs-tract of Survival. KALI is defined Trance Full On that includes morning and dark elements accompanied by organic and dynamic sounds, managing to create hereby and personal style in his productions. Is a combination of warm emotional parts, funk bass lines with futuristic atmospheres and Ethnic flavors! Mixed old spirit with new Technologies. The album includes 10 unreleased tracks between 80 -147 BPM giving you that special twist and melodies from the very first track right to the last.
Became a survivor and let's move on under Materia entertainment!

Kali - Survival: Front