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Kalyug - Digital Chamatkar

Kalyug - Digital Chamatkar
LabelDadA Music
Typealbum, CD

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Kalyug - Digital Chamatkar


01 Kalyug - Virtual Matter
02 Kalyug - Electrical Signals
03 Kalyug - Altered States
04 Kalyug - Civil Rights Issue
05 Kalyug - Its Very Important
06 Kalyug - Mind Expansion
07 Kalyug - Cosmic Intervention
08 Kalyug - Happy Life
09 Kalyug - Open Eyes

Kalyug is the fourth and final era in the spiritual evolution of mankind.

According to Hindu mythology the four ages of the world are: The Krita Yug -The Treta Yug - The Dwapara Yug and Kalyug.

Kalyug is Nikhel Kumar Mahajan aka Sattyananda's Progressive avatar. Magic 'Chamatkar' can sometimes be created with sound. Digital Chamatkar is the first progressive psychedelic morning album coming from India.

The album has 9 tracks which are combination of intense progressive grooves, an array of ancient classical instruments, powerful bass lines which weaves a hypnotic melodious trance. Nikhel has received warm appreciation globally for his Ambient album Internal Activities with bookings at some of the biggest festival's coming up in 2007. Digital Chamatkar is a must have for those who enjoy the trance dance experience!

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