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Kemic-Al - The Dark Journal

Kemic-Al - The Dark Journal
LabelButterfly Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Kemic-Al - Welcome To My Home....
02 Kemic-Al - The Hostage
03 Kemic-Al - Birth Of Justice Part 1 (The Beginning)
04 Kemic-Al - Birth Of Justice Part 2 (Reign Of Terror)
05 Kemic-Al - Vlad Dracula (The Impaler)
06 Kemic-Al - Birth Of Justice Part 3 (Reclaiming The Throne)
07 Kemic-Al - Boyars Of Tirgoviste (The Revenge)
08 Kemic-Al - Stakes
09 Kemic-Al - Accepted Darkness
10 Kemic-Al - Eternal Life
11 Kemic-Al - Buried Alive
12 Kemic-Al - End Of The Journey
13 Kemic-Al - Forest Of The Impaled
14 Kemic-Al - The Last Battle With The Ottomans

It is from this same perspective that Kemic-Al created The Dark Journal. Inspired by the true story of Vlad The Impaler, whose life was also the inspiration behind the legend of Dracula, Kemic-Al researched his subject quite deeply, picking up elements that punctuated his perception of Vlad's tragic and darkly brutal life story. Bearing all this in mind then, it is hardly surprising that The Dark Journal has a strong cinematic twist to it. With each track running into the next, the continuous thread maintains a steady pace most of the time, while the carefully implemented string arrangements and interludes give the music a more defined portrayal of Vlad's bloodied and tortured existence.

It is no secret that Kemic-Al is deeply influenced by film, and his latest certainly brings out this characteristic to the fore. Enhancing this cinematic perspective, which at times even reveals more than a hint of Gothic influence, is the inclusion of a 6-page booklet outlining the story behind the record, an effort that helps The Dark Journal come even closer than its predecessor to Kemic-Al's pronounced dictum that 'Sound is the art of seeing invisible things'.

Kemic-Al - The Dark Journal: Front