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Kerosene Club - Forest Of The Freaks

Kerosene Club - Forest Of The Freaks
LabelTemple Twisters Records
Typealbum, CD

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Kerosene Club - Forest of the Freaks


01 Kerosene Club - The Surgeon
02 Kerosene Club - Bird Watchers
03 Kerosene Club - Masters Of The Black Arts
04 Kerosene Club feat. Infernal - The Bong's Not Special
05 Kerosene Club - Monstrous Glitch
06 Kerosene Club - Technical Freaks
07 Kerosene Club vs Stranger - Analog Meets Digital
08 Kerosene Club - Cat People Remix
09 Kerosene Club - Bark At The Midnight Sun

KEROSENE CLUB is a figment of a fragment of Brian Fernandes a.k.a dj 26brian's alternate imagination. KEROSENE CLUB came into existence into dj 26Brian's psyche in 2003 in between a mix of the 6th and 7th track in his dark power-driven dj set( he fails to recollect the tracks playing then coz the intensity of KEROSENE CLUB 's birth was so much it erased all other memories of that night) ,and ever since KEROSENE CLUB has been lurking in there, sometimes active- sometimes dormant state. KEROSENE CLUB project encompasses the wide spectrum of the power brain gargling dark music accompanied by the furious beats of the new generation with the old skool vibrations thrown in between for good measure. The aim is not to scare anyone, but to experience the fear n pure rush of adrenalin via chaos and then learnin to control it to an extent u start enjoying it and making it your bitch.

The Year is 2007 ,and after a string of releases on various labels, Brian thought the time was right to unleash to the globally-warmed world a spine chilling ,brain gargling Debut Kerosene Club Album entitled - Forests of the Freaks .

So start saving the green and Hit the Stores in May 2007 and make yourself a proud owner of an Original Debut Album of KEROSENE CLUB.

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