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Khainz - Modul8

Khainz - Modul8
LabelEchoes Records
Typealbum, CD

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Khainz - Modul8


01 Khainz - In The Jungle
02 Khainz - Subpolar
03 Khainz - Mr. Mystery
04 Khainz - Edit 42
05 Khainz - Modul8
06 Khainz - This Is Whitenoize
07 Khainz - Detuner
08 Khainz - Bubbles and Wobbles
09 Khainz - Everything Is Jazz

It's finally here! The long-awaited Khainz debut album 'Modul8' on Echoes Records.

Khainz is Simon Schwendener, one of Switzerland's hottest exports at the moment. Well-known for his cutting edge, innovative productions skills that designate Khainz's unique trademark sound.

Modul8 presents Khainz's latest development alongside his demanding standards, to create a complete masterpiece, which will no doubt be marked as a milestone in the global electronic dance scene.

A combination between Progressive House and Techno with major influences from the Minimal genre, with organic modern sound that is very hard to ignore!

Khainz has released numerous singles, remixes and collaborations through leading international labels, such as Sprout, headed by D-Nox, SAS, headed by John Acquaviva, Absurd, Flow Vinyl, Echoes, Blue Tunes, Iboga, Echoplast, Kumquat Tunes, South American Sounds, Autist / Franz Franz, and many more.

For the past 3 years, Khainz has played on every continent and in almost every country, such as Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Israel, Thailand, South Africa, UK, Canada, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, France, Australia, and many others.

Modul8 will grab you by the ears and sweep you off your feet, defying gravity itself - changing everything you thought you knew about the dance floor - forever.

Khainz - Modul8: Front