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Khooman - Is A Flexible Liquid

Khooman - Is A Flexible Liquid
LabelAjana Records
Typealbum, CD

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Khooman - Is a Flixible Liquid


01 Khooman - Slide!
02 Khooman - Helpless
03 Khooman - Below The River Flows
04 Khooman - Let Me Out
05 Khooman - Fly
06 Khooman - A New View
07 Khooman - It's Only Dust On The Road
08 Khooman - Shaman Desert

A journey through chilled emotional states

Edward Khooman aka Khooman is presenting his first full length album. With a collection of eight tracks, you will be traveling with his music through different states of emotions.

Allready creating his own music since 2000 and playing live since 2005, Khooman is a new talent and find his inspiration in the magic of psychedelic chill out music.

"A Flexible Liquid" is a story of eight tracks and connects to your emotional state easily, exploring the depth of the mind, he created an unique world for exploring the sounds of the soul. Melodic and moody arrangements with a sublte beat accompanied by a range of instruments.

Ajana Records continues to present music with a concept and emotional story for music loving people.

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