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Kindzadza - Waves From Inner Space

Kindzadza - Waves From Inner Space
LabelOsom Music
Typealbum, CD

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Kindzadza - Waves From Inner Space


01 Kindzadza - Crystal Inside
02 Kindzadza - Inner Vibrarion
03 Kindzadza - Superstrings
04 Kindzadza - Shivaya Voda
05 Kindzadza - Keep It Clean
06 Kindzadza - Wide Range Broadcasting
07 Kindzadza - Proto Constructor
08 Kindzadza - Spirit Of The Wind
09 Kindzadza - Rapid Life System

Osom Music (the label formed by Kindzadza and Psykovsky to bring cutting edge underground psytrance to the world) proudly presents its worldwide audience with a second solo album of KINDZADZA. To continue the initial waves sequence, the project's new album is named WAVES FROM INNER SPACE. Idea of energy's eternal transformation unfolds here in a form of 9 carefully written and produced stories. In this album all psytrance powerdance lovers will get sound keys for their inner power sources. Listeners are invited to explore their own inner spaces and to find new horizons for their visions and journeys. Come into resonance with the sound and meet parallel realities which always exist around us, unnoticed, until we open them with the proper keys. Embrace the Universe and remember - Love is the message. Peace to you all!

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