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Klopfgeister - Sunflavoured

Klopfgeister - Sunflavoured
LabelIono Music
Typealbum, CD

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Klopfgeister - Sunflavoured


01 Klopfgeister - Smoke A Bagpipe
02 Klopfgeister - Sunflavour
03 Klopfgeister - Disco Stu Doesn't Advertise
04 Klopfgeister - The Hills Have Eyes
05 Klopfgeister - Riders Of The Eucalypse
06 Klopfgeister - My Little Pink Pony
07 Klopfgeister - Zathuration
08 Klopfgeister - Lumisosity (live in berlin 2006)
09 Klopfgeister - Organizm

Iono Music is very proud to announce the release of the long awaited second Klopfgeister album.

Two years after their first very successful album 'Sweet Compromise' the German musicians are back again with new sides of their unique production style.

And once again Thorsten Paul and Jens Schefzig have created a very well produced album with fine deep grooving tracks that work excellent on psytrance floors in the morning as well as primetime in progressive clubs.

Even this thin line between progressive and psychedelic trance with crossover excursions on both sides gives the new album a variation from the hip swinging funky to the uplifting, but all tracks emit the special Klopfgeister sound.

From start to end 'Sunflavoured' takes you on a journey into their typical deep soundscapes.

They have been playing their energetic live set at numerous European events and have successfully made a very good name for themself in the scene.

Their new album will surely shake all dancefloors around the globe.

Don't miss it!

Klopfgeister - Riders Of The Eucalypse

Marty: This is heavy duty Doctor, this is great!
Doc Brown: Unfortunaltely no, Marty it requires something with a little more kick: PLUTONIUM

From 'Back to the future'

Klopfgeister - Zathuration

Walter, check this out!!!

From 'Zathura'