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Koxbox - The Great Unknown

Koxbox - The Great Unknown
LabelGlobal Trance Network
Typealbum, CD


01 KoxBox - Statement
02 KoxBox - Go Fly a Kite
03 KoxBox - The Great Unknown
04 KoxBox - 6 Cells
05 KoxBox - Crunchy Moles
06 KoxBox - Du Traveller
07 KoxBox - Geomancer
08 KoxBox - Lunar Bin
09 KoxBox - Doppelganger
10 KoxBox - King of Jazz

Koxbox - Doppelganger

'Summer's coming soon... and as we move in the hallways of existence, i'm constantly being reminded of impending reality... i remember going down the colorado river as a child... about halfway down there's this... fruit plantation... it looked like paradise on earth... ripe cherries everywhere... millions of 'em... i lived in there for a week until i got caught... after that, i never ate cherries again...'

Koxbox - King of Jazz

'Japanese people, are the most advanced people.'

Koxbox - The Great Unknown: Front
Koxbox - The Great Unknown: Back
Koxbox - The Great Unknown: Inside
Koxbox - The Great Unknown: Inside 2
Koxbox - The Great Unknown: Inside 3