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Koxbox - U-Turn

Koxbox - U-Turn
LabelTwisted Records
Typealbum, CD

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KoxBox - U Turn


01 KoxBox - Crazy
02 KoxBox - Buffer Override
03 KoxBox - No More Ghosts
04 KoxBox - Next Stop
05 KoxBox - FM17
06 KoxBox - This Can't be Real
07 KoxBox - Acid Drome
08 KoxBox - Side Effects
09 KoxBox - Voice Of

Koxbox are back in the game with a deep dark album that will cook your noodles with its depth and quality. Their last album, 'The Great Unknown' in the year 2000 showed a remarkable edge which cut through the boundaries of what we had come to expect from a trance album. Their new one U-Turn' is no different. The tracks are unique, groovy and lovingly crafted with some mesmerizing fine detail. Techno and electro influences are shining through this generally night time album. A lot of night time music these days is just a bit too mental for our tastes but this is something else. Its huge, menacing and at times but always fascinating, intricate and very danceable! Out soon on Twisted Records.

The first Koxbox productions appeared on WTP Records, which got them signed to the leading European trance label, EyeQ Records/Harthouse, releasing their debut album Forever After' in 1995. As trance exploded during the '90s, Koxbox released a second album,-Dragon Tale's in 1997. Frank E and Ian Ion continued the Koxbox project and released a third album in 2001 called The Great Unknown'. Now 5 years later, Frank and Ian are back with U-Turn'

Koxbox - U-Turn: Front
Koxbox - U-Turn: Back
Koxbox - U-Turn: Back 2
Koxbox - U-Turn: Inside
Koxbox - U-Turn: Inside 2
Koxbox - U-Turn: CD