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Krill.Minima - Nautica

Krill.Minima - Nautica
LabelNative State Records
Typealbum, CD

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krill.minima - Nautica


01 Krill.Minima - Submarine Poetry
02 Krill.Minima - Nautica
03 Krill.Minima - Octopus And Sextant
04 Krill.Minima - The Escargots Dream
05 Krill.Minima - Princess Of The Undersea Gardens
06 Krill.Minima - Kalmar
07 Krill.Minima - The Sea Horse And The Soft Coral
08 Krill.Minima - Surface From The Groundless Oceans

Native State proudly presents Nautica', the first CD release of well known German recording artist Martin Juhls, aka krill.minima. Already known from his numerous release on Native State, Aleph Zero, and Thinner, he has also received considerable international acclaim under his Marsen Jules alias. His first CD release is an ambient journey of deep aquatic worlds and otherworldly atmospheres underscored by a sophisticated minimalist approach to beat production and sound design which will appeal to fans of Brian Eno, Basic Channel, and the Native State take on digital downtempo music.

Krill.Minima - Nautica: Front