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Krumelur - Paramoral

Krumelur - Paramoral
LabelZenon Records
Typealbum, CD

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Krumelur - Paramoral


01 Krumelur - The Plan (Kick It)
02 Krumelur - A Furry Something
03 Krumelur - Swallowed
04 Krumelur - Outdoors (Radio Krasnojarsk)
05 Krumelur - Colossus
06 Krumelur - Understatement
07 Krumelur - Abstract Ramixt
08 Krumelur - The Fattest Worm Catches The Early Bird
09 Krumelur - On A Stroll
10 Krumelur - That Old Organ

Krumelur is 25 year old Frederik Larsson from Malmo, Sweden. He is most certainly one of the most respected pioneers of the minimal trance scene, with his debut album "Minimal Animal" being regarded as somewhat of a classic in psytrance circles. With other releases on labels like Novatekk, Digital Psionics and of course Zenon he has continued to build his reputation, resulting in tours of Europe, Brazil and more. His new album Paramoral continues the tradition of his previous releases, but takes it to the next level. Its quirky beats, deep atmospheres and ripping leads, combined with a high level of musicality makes it perfect for release on Zenon. Featuring 10 previously unreleased tracks, this is as fresh as it gets.

Krumelur - Paramoral: Front
Krumelur - Paramoral: Front 2
Krumelur - Paramoral: Back
Krumelur - Paramoral: Back 2
Krumelur - Paramoral: Inside
Krumelur - Paramoral: Inside 2
Krumelur - Paramoral: Inside 3
Krumelur - Paramoral: Inside 4
Krumelur - Paramoral: CD