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Krusseldorf - Smokers Lounge

Krusseldorf - Smokers Lounge
LabelSofa Beats
Typealbum, CD

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Krusseldorf - Smokers Lounge


01 Krusseldorf - The Conductor
02 Krusseldorf - Scraping The Surface
03 Krusseldorf - Rucksack Of Tricks
04 Krusseldorf - Chained
05 Krusseldorf - A Place Long Gone
06 Krusseldorf - Unload
07 Krusseldorf - Glugg
08 Krusseldorf - Welcome
09 Krusseldorf - Higher Culture
10 Krusseldorf - Spinal block
11 Krusseldorf - Knak
12 Krusseldorf - Puffstep
13 Death Notes - Vapor

Iboga Records / Sofa beats Presents the new album by Krusseldorf "Smokers Lounge". Behind "Krusseldorf", we find the multi talented Swede - Simon Heath. Simon, born in 1977, started producing when he early on played around with his Amiga and a microphone. In the years that have followed, Simon got involved in numerous projects and developed his knowledge and skills. During the process and through the years, he has been part of writing 10 albums and additionally many other tracks on compilations and other albums, released under various names, touching a broad range of ambient, dub, IDM and psy music. Simon has reached a very high level both in story telling and production technique, and the new album is full of brilliant music, written with passion and heart. Iboga Records / Sofa Beats introduced Krusseldorf on the Floating Point 4 compilation from spring 2007 and releases a digital download EP with 2 more tracks at the end of this year. Krusseldorfs "Smokers lounge" is a true inspiration, a wonderful, intelligent album with many great moments. Another top album from Iboga Records / Sofa Beats!

Krusseldorf - Smokers Lounge: Front