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Kukan Dub Lagan - Step Ina Rasta Step

Kukan Dub Lagan - Step Ina Rasta Step
LabelMikelabella Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Kukan Dub Lagan - Feel Life
02 Kukan Dub Lagan - Spirit Of The Wind
03 Kukan Dub Lagan - Dreams Of Heaven
04 Kukan Dub Lagan - It's All About Her
05 Kukan Dub Lagan - Tomerik Trick
06 Kukan Dub Lagan - What A Day
07 Kukan Dub Lagan - Electric Shocking Dub
08 Kukan Dub Lagan - Bed Time Story
09 Kukan Dub Lagan - Step Ina Rasta Step
10 Kukan Dub Lagan - Roots Of Passion
11 Kukan Dub Lagan - In The End Of My Day
12 Kukan Dub Lagan - Vibe Of Tribe

Psy-Chill free dub or sunshine music for smiling people!

MikelaBella Records presents the second and new Kukan Dub Lagan album 'Step Ina Rasta Step'.

After the successful release and sold out of his debut album 'Life Is Nice' on Candyflip Records, the new album consists of 12 previously unreleased tracks.

The music will take you into the dub dream. The listener will get into a dub journey, that will start with soft melodies, continue to a unique electronic sound that is surrounded by the dub rhythms.

High and original quality sound, revive and keep the atmosphere of dub and reggae alive.

Kukan Dub Lagan has already performed live and as a DJ on many parties and festivals around the globe like Israel, Canada, Japan, Spain, Greece, Usa, Croatia, Switzerland and more... and there is surely many more destinations to perform his new album in the future.

Kukan Dub Lagan - Step Ina Rasta Step: Front