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La Baaz - Clubrausch

La Baaz - Clubrausch
LabelEchoes Records
Typealbum, CD

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La Baaz - La Baaz - Clubrausch


01 La Baaz - First Second
02 La Baaz - Backport
03 La Baaz - Money Girl
04 La Baaz - Trinity
05 La Baaz - Ionic Shift
06 La Baaz - Baregg
07 La Baaz - Dancefloor Propeller
08 La Baaz - The Tear Drops
09 La Baaz - Mosaik
10 La Baaz - Summer Breeze

The long awaited album of La Baaz.

La Baaz is the Project of known producer, Patrick Sonderegger, one member of the well known, pioneering Progressive Trance Act Paste from Switzerland.

La Baaz productions were widely heard in the last couple of years, having been featured on numerous compilation releases, signed to international leading labels, including Plusquam, Flow, Blue Tunes, Candyflip, Cold Groove, Echoes, to name a few.

La Baaz's style combines together different elements of electronic based beats, fussing in aspects of Progressive House, Trance, Techno and Electro, creating deep, unique atmospheres and hypnotic rhythms using Tech approach that designates La Baaz's trademark sound.

La Baaz is well known around the world with his unprecedented and invested Live and crashing DJ sets. La Baaz also runs, alongside, producer, Kara Mehl, a very successful party line, based in Zurich, named Kinky Beats, hosting the cream of the crop of the Progressive and Techno producers, from the global scene.

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