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Lamat - Under Pressure

Lamat - Under Pressure
LabelAP Records
Typealbum, CD

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Lamat - Under Pressure


01 Lamat - Under Pressure
02 Lamat - Spiritual Energy (Remix)
03 Lamat - Solo Mode
04 Lamat - Natural Order
05 Lamat - Solar Quest
06 Lamat - Secret Zone (Remix)
07 Lamat - Time Wave (Remix)
08 Lamat - Invaders

Will we ever find life beyond our path? Lamat shows us how.

Going way beyond the tried and tested, Marcos Sanchez, the master mind behind the extremely successful Psy outfit Lamat, releases his third Lamat long player on AP Records.

Aptly called 'Under Pressure', it enters the planet's orbit with light speed, invading the neural system with its high octane tracks. Absolute cutting edge technology helps the star traveler to decode the galactic frequencies which he then transforms into meandering streams of pulsating power.

In typical Lamat vain, the yellow electric star of the Mexican scene, Marcos Sanchez, who is the driving force behind the Psytrance project he started eight years ago, harnesses the most energetic melodies and weaves them into a galactic sound carpet in order to make people dance.

'Natural Order', the title track, boasts with great voice samples, and an outstanding quality of sounds and samples, and tracks like 'Time Wave Remix' or 'Invaders' with their churning, compellingly driving high energy beats, sublime discoid feel and breaky cuts, are truly outstanding. Spiraling into mayhem with sweet, driving keys and amazingly overpowering bass-lines, they are prime examples of the outstanding ability of Lamat to unite a whole universe of ideas and braid them into one plait that connects the beginning with the end.

Never losing the plot, Lamat celebrates the zealous joys of Psy with an all-explosive load of happiness: 'Under Pressure', beamed into another dimension.

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