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Lemon Slide - True Nature

Lemon Slide - True Nature
LabelFreakdance Records
Typealbum, CD

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Lemon Slide - True Nature


01 Lemon Slide - Peachy Beach Bitchez
02 Lemon Slide - Through Nature
03 Lemon Slide - Time 2 Funktion
04 Lemon Slide - Dear Me
05 Lemon Slide - Nudist
06 Lemon Slide - Bust A Cap In Ya S
07 Lemon Slide - Unfortunate Facts
08 Lemon Slide - Taateli-Otto
09 Lemon Slide - Anti-Liner
10 Lemon Slide - Unettomat
11 Lemon Slide - Juna Meni Jo
12 Lemon Slide - Salarakas (+ Hidden Track)


LEMON SLIDE is a psychedelic trance duo from Helsinki, Finland. Their style could be described as a mixture of full-on psychedelic trance combined into funky, melodic and most of all, hilariously uplifting suomisaundi grooves.

The original trance-vestite drag queens behind this project name are Roope Karhunen (alias Robomate) and Leo Louhio (DJ Ukki / Öinen Lebahäiskä / Iloinen Leo). "True Nature" from Freakdance Records is their debut album release, but these two youngsters have been blowing up dancefloors around the planet for quite some time already.

In addition to their extensive amount of performances within Finland, they have also played abroad in countries such as Russia, Ukraine and Israel. Lemon Slide has also released freely downloadable mp3 material on various internet labels such as Antiscarp Records.

Their strong presence within the suomisaundi (Finnish psy-trance) genre has already gained them a cult following and a highly appreciated underground reputation. It's not too pompous to say that the debut album from Lemon Slide has been requested and awaited for years by nearly all friends of the Suomi-sounds.


"True Nature" is the peak for the 5th year anniversary celebration for Freakdance Records, and have to admit that it is our most impressive release so far - the album comes in a turbo-cool 6-sleeve digipak packed with tasty trancevestite eye candy!

The album kicks off with "Peachy Beach Bitchez", a highly potential summer hit track aimed for mainstream radio channels --- just kidding! - that has been co-produced with two Finnish psy-trance artists Vihtahousu and Okta. During the course of the album ther are visitations by many other highly talented artist guests as well, such as SportyShorty programming the drums on track 4, Joppe Louhio playing the guitars on track 2 and Joona Portaankorva hustling the trumpets on track 6.

The music on "True Nature" keeps on evolving and constantly changing as we progress forward. The duo combines those lovely ever-morphing sound textures of old-school Goa into disco- and video game-influenced full-steam psychedelic trance. You might even hear some breaks-stuff in between. And, there are a couple of bonus chill-out tracks in the end for those mellow moments.

Lemon Slide - True Nature: Front
Lemon Slide - True Nature: Back
Lemon Slide - True Nature: Inside
Lemon Slide - True Nature: Inside 2