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Lightsphere - Reflexion

Lightsphere - Reflexion
LabelMental Arts Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Lightsphere - Reflex
02 Lightsphere - Holon
03 Lightsphere - Chinese Disco
04 Lightsphere - Taniec Wymiarow
05 Lightsphere - Time Guards
06 Lightsphere - Lucidity Wavers
07 Lightsphere - Yey Lot
08 Lightsphere - Bender

Again Dj Joyrider has scouted a new highly promising progressive act and his Mental Arts label more and more grows to Germany's leading talent factory.

This fresh project called "Lightsphere" is dedicated to rise to the glamorous heights of danceheaven because of their positive attitude and extraordinary musicality. We all need positive vibes sometimes and Lightsphere provides just that. It's a project of a young couple with Polish origins, who is now living in the progressive-trance capital Hamburg. Their music is born out of sheer love and you can feel that in every tone. Warm and groovy, swinging and sexy, just untroubled joy over the whole playtime. Every track might delight the progressive dj's and dancers alike, no fillers to find here. Check this out, be the early adopter to know the innovators of a new wave of progressive groove.