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Liquid Phase - Trance Action

Liquid Phase - Trance Action
LabelSpliff Music
Typealbum, CD

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Liquid Phase - Trance Action


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Liquid Phase is one of Spliff Music exclusive artists , in "Trance Action" he got closer to the psychedelic fullon scene , where he feels more at home , according to him.

After the release of "Liquid Phase - Africa" , yaniv got more familiar with the trance world , in that following year , he perform live in: Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Mexico, Israel, India, Russia, & more to come.

He also got some interviews on prime web sites & magazine such as Mushroom magazine , Antiworld UK , BEAT magazine AU . yaniv tunes was played in some big radio's & he even got a special show on the web most wanted electronic station DI ."Trance Action" is Yaniv's, aka Liquid Phase 2nd long play solo album .TRANCE is a Hypnotic, Cataleptic or even Ecstatic state. it detaches from one's physical surroundings , as in contemplation or day dreaming.

Daze or a place between sleeping & waking . Add an ACTION to that & basically that's the concept of this Album .Liquid Phase is on of Spliff Music unique artists , he's first album "Africa" got some warm feedbacks from a various locations worldwide.

"Liquid Phase - Trance Action" is more Israeli style psy fullon, with rolling baselines, massive kicks, sweeping pads, high quality production , cutting edge effects, uplifting melodies & most of all non stop groove.

In "Trance Action" , Liquid Phase shows us a total different perspective to he's fullon world , nothing more to say but : "Enjoy the Ride" .

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