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Liquid Soul - Love In Stereo

Liquid Soul - Love In Stereo
LabelIboga Records
Typealbum, CD

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Liquid Soul - Love in Stereo


01 Liquid Soul - Devotion
02 Liquid Soul - Global Illumination
03 Liquid Soul - Push
04 Liquid Soul - Love In Stereo
05 Liquid Soul - Desire
06 Liquid Soul - Clean Mind
07 Liquid Soul - Sweet Things
08 Liquid Soul - Out Of The Blue
09 Liquid Soul - The Ritual

Fill your heart with Liquid Souls 'Love In Stereo'.

After two years since Liquid Soul first album Iboga Records can present the second and long awaited album from one of Iboga Records best selling artists: Liquid Soul

Love In Stereo is the perfect title for this new blasting album. It makes you smile and is full of love.

Nicola Capobinco has completed yet another masterpiece. With his tight, fat production he gives us an album with 9 new and exclusive tunes from his studio in Zurich.

Since Liquid Souls first album, Nicolo has been close to fully booked with his live and DJ sets every weekend worldwide. Besides this, he has licensed out his tunes to labels like: Intergroove, Flow Rocords, Hommega and Blue Tunes besides others. This shows us a bit about the high demand for his music. With this new album he is setting a new milestone for the progressive trance scene, and he will satisfy thousands of fans with his new productions.

Already, some top producers are now making remixes from his new album, names like Jerome Isma, RPO, Atmos, Gaudium, Side A to name few.

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