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Liquid Soul - Synthetic Vibes

Liquid Soul - Synthetic Vibes
LabelIboga Records
Typealbum, CD

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DJ Liquid Soul - Synthetic Vibes


01 Liquid Soul - Synthetic Vibes
02 Liquid Soul - Crazy People
03 Liquid Soul - Escape
04 Liquid Soul - The Source
05 Liquid Soul - I Get A Rush
06 Liquid Soul - Unannounced Portal
07 Liquid Soul - 06.15 AM
08 Liquid Soul - Capoccino
09 Liquid Soul - Tagtraum

Finally the long awaited debut album from Liquid Soul hits the street.
Liquid Soul started his project about two years ago with releases on labels like Plusquam, Blue Tunes, Domo and Iboga Records. The demand of his music has been growing fast ever after together with his live and DJ performances. Nicola Capobiance aka. Liquid Soul is not a new face in the electronic scene, after many years of producing euro trance music, where he have played and performed on big raves next to people like Poul Van Dyk etc. etc.

With his new project Liquid Soul, Nicola brings us a perfectly produced album, with pumping progressive tunes which will hit the ever growing progressive dance floors all over the world. This is a new step into progressive trance music, and will give inspiration to thousands of musicians in the future. A milestone in the Iboga Records catalogue.

Liquid Soul - Crazy People

"Crazy people..."

Liquid Soul - Synthetic Vibes: Front