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Logic Bomb - Sonic Algebra

Logic Bomb - Sonic Algebra
LabelSolstice Music International
Typealbum, CD

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Logic Bomb - Sonic Algebra


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Legendary Swedish trance unit, Logic Bomb, have put the finishing touches on their newest sonic offering "Sonic Algebra". Bleeding edge digital technology married with the finest analog circuitry of the past led to an album that is both classic and contemporary!!

In the mid 90s Sweden was introduced to a new type of dance music brought back from the golden beaches of Goa, India by an adventurous group of friends. Parties were held deep in the mystic forests during summer and attracted a fresh new crowd, enthusiastic for these innovative sounds. Among this crowd were two freshly graduated computer engineers who were struck with a profound fascination for this new music. This enchantment led to the inception of the now infamous musical unit "Logic Bomb", formed by Jonas Pettersson and Johan Krafft , in 1998. They released their now highly sought after debut album "Headware", produced together with fellow Swede, Jonas Bergvall, on Spiral Trax in the year of 2000. Following up on the phenomenal success of "Headware", their second album "Unlimited" was released on leading English label TIP World in 2002. Now after years of silence, things are cooking once again in the bomb-lab. Utilizing the highest quality, bleeding edge, digital technology married with the finest analog circuitry of the past they have crafted an album that is both classic and contemporary at the same time. Logic Bomb are set to blow up the scene in 2007!