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Lost Keys - Faerie Spell

Lost Keys - Faerie Spell
LabelFowl Play Records
Typealbum, CD

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Lost Keys - Faerie Spell


01 Lost Keys - Faerie Spell
02 Lost Keys - Bending Bubbles
03 Lost Keys - Brainwave
04 Lost Keys - Into the Computer
05 Lost Keys - This World (Remix)
06 Lost Keys - The Thing
07 Lost Keys - White Rabbit
08 Lost Keys - Time And Space

This is the highly anticipated debut album from Australian artist Lost Keys. It is an album full of wonderful treats and magical surprises, with sounds ranging from funky progressive mind benders, into full on psychedelic body benders, whilst all the time maintaining a warm, spacious musical dimension for the listener. With emotive melodies, smooth guitar sounds and groovin' beats, Lost Keys' music is similar, yet unlike anything else heard before in the dance music genre. This is the first major release for label Fowl Play Records, and is sure to cast a magical spell over the dance floor!