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Loud - Abstract

Loud - Abstract
LabelDrive Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Loud - Loose Senses
02 Loud - Machines 2008
03 Loud - DownUnder
04 Loud - Abstract
05 Loud - Next (Album Edit)
06 Loud - Tough Kid
07 Loud - Hiss
08 Loud - The Edge (Album Edit)
09 Loud - Disoriented (Sabotage Edit)

Drive Records is delighted to present the second studio album by today's most innovative and inspiring acts, Loud - Abstract. Loud is considered as one of the finest new breeds of Psychedelic trance producers, bearing a significant and daring new sound, fresh and powerful.Loud have been very busy in the past year, promoting their fine craft in events all over the world, visiting locations such as Mexico, USA, Australia, Norway, Austria, Hungary and of course Israel. Loud are expected to perform in Russia, USA, Australia, and Brazil in the next couple of months as well.End of 2006 Loud have released their one of a kind debut album - Some Kind of Creativity, which took the world by storm, introducing their articulate form of electronic music production.

Mid 2007 Loud released their massive V/A Private Lesson compilation, which included also a bonus maxi release including additional 3 previously unreleased hits. V/A Private lesson included some of the most prestigious groups, such as Sub-6, Psysex, which both received an articulate remix by Loud, remix by O.M.C to his track with Cosma, Black and White, Insomnia, Panick, Elegant Pimp, and Unoccupied.This outstanding phenomenon includes 9 previously unreleased tracks, perfectly aligned, each track compliments the other, yet totally different, each bearing its own distinct personality, drive and story, all elevating and fully entertaining.

The album includes a collaboration track as well, with another one of a kind producer, U-Recken. Loud have certainly put in a lot of energy in the production of this one of a kind product, which stands out with reach colors.Loud tracks have been remixed by Top international producers such as, Iboga Records, Perfect Stranger, Onyx (BNE) and Bliss.Loud have produced remixes to Xerox Illumination, Sub-6 and Psysex, all from the legendary label Hommega productions.

Loud have out done themselves again presenting an album which is distended to remain a classic