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Luminus - Hypnotica

Luminus - Hypnotica
LabelHOMmega Productions
Typealbum, CD

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Luminus - Hypnotica


01 Luminus - Intro-Active
02 Luminus - Hypnotica
03 Luminus - Anything Can Happen
04 Luminus - Total consciousness
05 Luminus - End of Space
06 Luminus - Sub-Sonic System
07 Luminus - Diablo
08 Luminus - The Test
09 Luminus - One Step of the Moon

Luminus - Anything can happen

'The world where anything is possible.'

'I know you are out there, and I know that you are afraid, you are afraid of us, you are afraid of change, I dont know the future, I didnt come here to tell you how its gonna be.'

From the movie 'Matrix'


Luminus - Hypnotica: Front
Luminus - Hypnotica: Back
Luminus - Hypnotica: Back 2
Luminus - Hypnotica: Inside
Luminus - Hypnotica: Inside 2