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M-Field - Current Of Life

M-Field - Current Of Life
LabelPsyBooty Records
Typealbum, CD

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M-Field - Current Of Life


01 M-Field - Foundation
02 M-Field - Current Of Life
03 M-Field - Progressive Evolution
04 M-Field - Morphotronic
05 M-Field - Punctuated Equilibrium
06 M-Field - Conceptual Thought
07 M-Field - Unified Theory
08 M-Field - World Soul
09 M-Field - Memory Traces

PsyBooty Records of San Francisco has been sculpting the face of the American progressive psy scene recently, and its latest release by one of their foremost artist projects, M-Field, pushes even their envelope. "Current of Life", M-Field's latest collection of funky four on the floor grooves, draws from all flavors of house, trance, and tribal world beats and will be sure to heat the senses of beat enthusiasts from clubland dancefloors and outdoor massives to home stereo systems and headphones alike this winter. The artists of M-Field put a lot of emotional and intellectual involvement into their sounds, and have been tearing it up at parties and studios from one coast to the other, and "Current of Life" is the apotheosis of their collective experiences. M-Field's and PsyBooty's album is a must listen... fresh, raw, and emotive, "Current of Life" is an electro-spiritual treat not to be passed up!