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Mad Maxx - Afterworld

Mad Maxx - Afterworld
LabelPhantasm Records
Typealbum, CD

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Mad Maxx - Afterworld


01 Mad Maxx - Edge Of Time
02 Mad Maxx - Nibiru
03 Mad Maxx - After World
04 Mad Maxx vs X.S.I - The Shamen
05 Mad Maxx - Active Noize Control
06 GMS & Alien Project - At The End Of A Rainbow (Remix)
07 Mad Maxx - Noble Rebel
08 Mad Maxx vs Voyager - Boogie Woogie
09 Mad Maxx vs Poli - They Say This Is Cool

As one half of SIRIUS ISNESS, one of the best known artists in the psy scene today, Max has recorded numerous trancefloor classics and delivered blistering live sets to all corners of the earth and beyond.. with this, his first solo outing, he seals his position as one of the most exciting & accomplished psy producers in the world.

Mad Maxx - Afterworld: Front