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Mantrix - Neoteric

Mantrix - Neoteric
LabelSub Records
Typealbum, CD

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Mantrix - Neoteric


01 Mantrix - Undercurrent
02 Mantrix - Solid State Logic
03 Mantrix - End Of Time
04 Mantrix - Come Get Some
05 Mantrix - Interconnector
06 Mantrix - Infinity
07 Mantrix - Turn On Your Brain
08 Mantrix - Shine

A short year after releasing their highly successful previous album, Universal, Mantrix are back, following up with an album that will knock their fans for a six. Neoteric, Mantrix's latest album explores the next level of their ever evolving influences in trance music. This time they deliver a more modern Electro Trance vibe suited to a wide range of today's diverse dancefloors. With their usual high level of studio production and compositional brilliance, Mantrix have not only created something to keep their large fan base extremely happy, but also to reach further into many areas of electronica than ever before. This pumping album blends Psy-Trance with Progressive, Tribal, Glitch, Breaks and everything in between. Neoteric is a must for anyone who likes their music fresh, interesting and exciting.

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