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Matenda - Natural Development

Matenda - Natural Development
LabelGlobal Phonehead Records
Typealbum, CD

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Matenda - Natural Development


01 Matenda - Speculator
02 Matenda - Plain Vanilla
03 Matenda - Natural Development
04 Matenda - Perspectives
05 Matenda - Sounds Around
06 Matenda - Electronegative
07 Matenda - Equlibrium
08 Matenda - Invisible Garbage
09 Matenda - Epsilon
10 Matenda - Orphean

Finally the Global Phonehead Records, second release is here.

Matenda's 3rd full-length album 'Natural development', will fit everybody's taste with its wide range of musical styles. From influences of trance, electro, house to downbeat and more club-inspired sounds. The album Natural development is a fusion between the down-tempo project 'Chilling Matenda', and the more up-tempo project 'Matenda'.

Matenda delivers the track 'Equilibrium', for the more percussive peak time moments of the night and tracks like 'Natural development, Speculator, Invisible garbage, Epsilon and Plain vanilla', for more of the morning use. 'Perspectives' again shows his affinity to harmonies, driving basslines and warm pads, whereas 'electronegative' takes us to a electro and more housey place.

The album ends with the beautiful down-tempo tune 'Orphean', in true Chilling Matenda style. You can for sure expect the unique Matenda vibe again, but with 'Sounds around', which is co-produced with Alex Joon and with vocals by Dejan Mitic, perfectly state that he is ready to take it to the next level. Natural development is the album which suits the Global Phonehead Records slogan perfectly 'high quality tracks for progressive minds, to hear and feel everywhere... anywhere...'

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