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Materia - Out Of Tune

Materia - Out Of Tune
Label24/7 Records
Typealbum, CD

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Materia - Out Of Tune


01 Materia - Out Of Tune
02 Materia - Who Are You
03 Materia - Acid Rain
04 Materia - Human Disorder
05 Materia - I'm The Storm
06 Materia - People
07 Materia - Violeria
08 Materia - Omnidrone
09 Materia - Revelation

TUNE IN...!! The long awaited debut album of, Andreas Moser aka MATERIA, one of europes most highly anticipated new psytrance artist is ready. His young and fresh mind brings in a new breeze, influenced by many different styles of the electronic music scene he`s been into now for many years.
Out of tune is full of reverberated gnarling and big melodys perfect for the dancefloor. A defenate upgrade 4 your cd case.
Nine tracks made to spin your mind, just recently finished and as fresh as it gets!! An album inspired by the feeling and energy, provided by the enviromental surroundings and life it self. "Out of tune" is set to be a must have album for years to come.

Materia - Out Of Tune: Front
Materia - Out Of Tune: Back
Materia - Out Of Tune: Back 2
Materia - Out Of Tune: Inside
Materia - Out Of Tune: Inside 2