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Mechanix - One Man Game

Mechanix - One Man Game
LabelYage Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Mechanix - Monoblock
02 Mechanix - Neutronix
03 Mechanix - Candy Can Do It
04 Mechanix - A True Story
05 Mechanix - Tears Of Anger (Dedicated To Zolod, R.I.P.)
06 Mechanix - Power Edit
07 Mechanix - Trance4nation
08 Mechanix - The Shimonaizer
09 Mechanix - Few Years Later
10 Mechanix - Nati On Acid

After 3 years Eldad Ben Ezry aka Mechanix is back! "One man game" has very powerful sounds and blasts of energetic waves; it consists of 10 dance floor tracks that have been tested world wide. Due to the success of Mechanix's compilation "pump fiction" He decided to maintain the good partnership he found in Yage records and released his second album under their wing.

Mechanix - One Man Game: Front
Mechanix - One Man Game: Back
Mechanix - One Man Game: Inside
Mechanix - One Man Game: Inside 2