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Mekkanikka - Global Warning

Mekkanikka - Global Warning
LabelNutek Records
Typealbum, CD

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Mekkanikka - Global Warning


01 Mekkanikka - Bionikka
02 Mekkanikka - Global Warning
03 Mekkanikka - Over The Edge
04 Mekkanikka - Survive
05 Mekkanikka - Cool Cats
06 Mekkanikka - Groovey
07 Mekkanikka - Musicanical
08 Mekkanikka - Fcuked up
09 Mekkanikka - Flame It

After releasing 2 well known albums (Spirit Zone / Planet-ben rec.), Nikka has prepared a special dish for his 3rd album on Nutek records.
Nikka production always elevates dancefloors worldwide, you can here great releases on compilations during this year, played by many dj's around the globe

The title of this album is topic of actuality these days, sending us a message

To dance more, and strong as we can before the planet starts changing its form

Tweaking his sounds to the top, combining phat beats, guitar playing, strong sampling process with top notch mix the result will be released on July 6th this summer..., sooo DON'T MISS IT.. !!!

Mekkanikka - Global Warning: Front