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Meller - Copa Episi EP

Meller - Copa Episi EP
LabelAP Records
Typesingle, vinyl


01 Meller - Copa Episi
02 Meller - Steam
03 Meller - Raumschiffkommandant
04 Meller - Klangbad (Teenage Rampage Remix)

Copa Episi is the third Meller 12". This time a full EP featuring 4 heavy loaded tracks with the well-known uncompromising deepness & compact atmosphere of Meller.

Meller are Marco Scherer & DJ Mel who are frequently playing & releasing tracks in Germany & around Europe. Meller have become one of the 1st line leaders of the German Psy Trance scene! 1st track "Copa Episi" is a hard, direct and ruthless Psy-Tech-Trance pumper with a clear-cut & defined beat. A perfect track which fits any kind of Trance floor! If that is not enough for the A side, the 2nd track "Steam" lives up to its name pushing forward without mercy. B side 1st track "Raumschiffkommandant" is a Meller Remix of the famous German Psychedelic-Space-Rock Song "In which the mighty silver wing leaves the solar system, starts its old, tremendous metagrav drive and jumps into hyperspace" by Colour Haze.

To wrap this "mini album" EP, McCoy of S.U.N. Project & Consequencer delivers a "Teenage Rampage Remix" of "Klangbad" from the first Meller album "Solar Drums".