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Meller - Spacewalk

Meller - Spacewalk
LabelCrotus Records
Typealbum, CD

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Meller - Spacewalk


01 Meller - Dirty Buddy
02 Meller - Back The Funk
03 Meller - Raum Und Kaelte 2008 Edit
04 Meller - Robot Monsters
05 Meller - Spacedrum
06 Meller - Shiba
07 Meller - Africa
08 Meller - Monotone
09 Meller - That Was
10 Meller - Jumping Jack

Crotus Records is back and revived again with new power and re-charged energy.

After two studio albums out on famous labels such as AP Records and Tribal Vision Records, and beside thirty-six single released tracks - Crotus Records integrates itself into this row by releasing Mellers brand new artist studio album "Spacewalk".

The Meller guys aka Marco Scherer and DJ Mel demonstrate a solid and groovy-funky music collection of their contemporary stage of music impression and feeling. It is dirty, groovy and funky but also a crystal clear production line of the nowadays standards. The listener will experience a spacewalk through 10 previously unreleased tracks in a developed style of proggy psytrance.

It sounds refreshing & special and therefore it is the sound you been searching for on these big outdoor festival speakers where your body starts to shake and shiver while you dance to the groove of Meller.

Meller - Spacewalk: Front