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Meta - Ekstasis

Meta - Ekstasis
Typealbum, CD


01 Meta - Traveling
02 Meta - The Equation
03 Meta - Acceleration
04 Meta - Blargspot
05 Meta - Boing!
06 Etienne - Dark Magic (Meta Remix)
07 Meta - Super Snizzy
08 Meta - Amorphous (Album Remix)
09 Meta - Arabeing
10 Metamanx - Turn My Headphones Up

META (Formerly known as AEON) is one of the best kept secrets of Psytrance in the USA. No new comer to making dancefloors go insane and beg for more DJ Aeon started djing in the mid 90s during the birth of the GOA TRANCE movement. With years of experience discovering just what makes the dancefloor tick he went to work refining his sound. For years he produced secret sizzlers that he wouldnt share till one day all the elements were perfect. From that point on DJ AEON became no more and META was born into this universe. Each track is finely tuned with resonance and harmonic frequencies into a symphony of clean and pristine ultra mayhem. Layer by meticulous layer was crafted taking the genre of "DARK PSYTRANCE" and turning it on its head. This journey into the unknown takes you from edge of the cosmos to the other by traversing the scales in bassline melodies that will tie your legs into pretzels as you redefine what it means to "dance" to trance music. Take a trip you will never forget and beg to return to again and again in this formula defying, genre expanding, mind exploding adventure for the senses. Prepare yourself to experience this full power, uber twisted, mega mental, drenched in acid, with a pumped up bassline that sends shivers up your spine and deep pulsating vibrations through your booty. To top it off the humor laced philosophical questioning of the universe if always woven in gracefully telling the listener a subtle story amidst the maelstrom of madness swirling around outside your eyelids. META: (Greek: = "Beyond"), A concept which is an abstraction from another concept. EKSTASIS: (Greek: to be outside oneself) A category of altered states of consciousness or trancelike states in which an individual transcends ordinary consiousness and as a result has a heightened capacity for exceptional thought.