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MFG - The Prophecy

MFG - The Prophecy
LabelSymbiosis Records
Typealbum, CD


01 MFG - Hypnotized
02 MFG - Shape The Future
03 MFG - Overload
04 MFG - Maya Moon
05 MFG - The Prophecy
06 MFG - Space Travel
07 MFG - Alternate Dimension
08 MFG - Magnetic Activity
09 MFG - Illumination

MFG - Hypnotized

'It's real.'

'I mean it!'

MFG - Shape the Future

'Shape the future.'

MFG - Overload


'Access denied.'

'Access granted.'

From the movie 'The Lawnmower Man'

The Lawnmower Man

MFG - Maya Moon

'When you make the connection, when you make the connection, its like the chemistry takes care of itself, it makes its own decisions, you know, so you guys just sit back and enjoy it, because you know, its real, this is real and we just don't even have to discuss it'

From the movie 'Singles'

Singles (1992)

MFG - Space Travel

'A signal that is transmitted intentionally to establish contact'

'It takes incredible amounts of energy to do space travel.'

MFG - Magnetic Activity

'I have a magnetic personality. Humour - I love it! Wheee!'

'A shadow sweeps across the earth. The shadow of our moon passes directly in front of the sun. Total eclipse.'

'Magnetic activity'

First one from 'Star Trek - Generations'

Star Trek VII - Generations

MFG - The Prophecy: Front
MFG - The Prophecy: Back
MFG - The Prophecy: Inside