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Michele Adamson - Strange Arrangements

Michele Adamson - Strange Arrangements
LabelOn The Move Music
Typealbum, CD


01 Michele Adamson feat. Last Men Standing - Mojo Gogo
02 Michele Adamson feat. Ultravoice - Filthy Lies
03 Michele Adamson feat. Psycraft - Follow The Line
04 Michele Adamson feat. CPU & Dynamic - Blood On The Microphone
05 Michele Adamson feat. GMS - Touchdown
06 Michele Adamson feat. Last Men Standing - In My Face
07 Michele Adamson feat. Interactive - Freakshow
08 Michele Adamson feat. Perplex & Intersys - Blondinit
09 Michele Adamson feat. Lunar Sound & Ecliptic - Deja Vu

Michele Adamson is a writer, vocalist, DJ & producer. Brought up between the fast paced technology of Hong Kong and the mystical culture of England, she tours the globe performing and collaborating with the psychotronic pioneers of future music. Michele is a prolific contributor to the scene and her distinct vocals can be heard on numerous psy-compilations and artist albums such as Shpongle - Tales of the Inexpressible, Younger Brother - Flock of Bleeps, Infected Mushroom - Converting Vegetarians, Last Men Standing This Is Ibiza. She is also responsible for the vocals on Alan Parsons' "Return to Tunguska" on the album A Valid Path.

Her debut chill out album "Fallen Angel" was released in 2005 with global sell-out success. Now at year 2008, she's back with her second bombing album, recorded while touring the world & made with international artists such as Ultravoice, Psycraft, GMS & Perplex. Notable tracks include "Touchdown" with GMS, Mojo Gogo with Last Men Standing & her cover song to Blondie's "Heart of Glass" produced together with Perplex & Intersys.

You can catch Michele touring her solo psy-Vocal trance and chill out live shows to countries in the Far and Middle East, Europe, the US, South America, Russia & Australia. When not warbling Michele delivers wicked Dj sets of Electro, Trance and Eclectic chill (chillectro!!) as well as performing live with GMS, Shpongle & The Egg.

If you find yourself catching glimpses of holographic UV material flashing in the corner of your periphery, chances are Michele is around.

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