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Micro Scan - Angels And Demons

Micro Scan - Angels And Demons
LabelDigital Drugs Coalition
Typealbum, CD

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Micro Scan - Angels And Demons
Micro Scan - Angels And Demons


01 Micro Scan - Angels And Demons
02 Micro Scan - Shadow Magnet
03 Micro Scan - Telepathic Discordance
04 Micro Scan - 300000 Years Ago
05 Micro Scan - The World Is Uniform
06 Micro Scan - Crying Metal
07 Micro Scan - C'est Etrange Non
08 Micro Scan - Take Your Radio With U
09 Micro Scan - Immortal Memory

Microscan is the best kept secret in France. Tutored by some of the best producers in the world, this amazing duo never ceases to bring massive euphoria to every dance floor that experiences their gigantic sound. "Uplifting! Driving! Euphoric!" A psychedelic masterpiece music that brings huge smiles and energetic knees high dancing to even the most discerning and jaded connoisseurs. After careful crafting a full length album testing each and every track on experienced and knowledgeable dance floors this debut offering passes all the tests with front of the class A+ results. From beginning to end you are treated to a finely tuned superbly produced jewel of a musical excursion into a realm where Angels and Demons come together and forget their troubles and choose to exist in a peaceful, pleasure, full power play ground and everyone is immortal! Give in to your hedonistic urges and let loose with this perfect solution to your doldrums. On top of all this the album was given the finest mastering engineering one could ever ask for in this genre of uplifting new full on psychedelic goa trance? None other than the world wide highly acclaimed artist known as Silicon Sound and to his credit his final touches do make this the smoothest full power sound of the summer. Micro Scan (Kzymodo & Aloes) is a new french duo from France (Paris). Mostly oriented fullon morning goa, this duo artist has performed at Shamanik festival in Portugal, last summer for the first time ever. DJ Kzymodo is a part of the DJ team Teknasia since 2006 ans started the music production last year. Aloes (also known as Crystal Vision) was released a track on Spliff Music in 2005 (Tox D Compilation - City of Elyxir) and is also DJ. (aka DJ Zendai) Micro scan are proud to present you their debut album "Angels and Demons". This album is a mix between goa and full on vibes and characterised by hard yet pleasing leads, flying atmospheres, uplifting melodies and thundering yet precise rythms.

Micro Scan - Angels And Demons: Front