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Miditec - Are U Insane

Miditec - Are U Insane
LabelMagma Records
Typealbum, CD

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Miditec - Are U Insane


01 Miditec - Are U Insane
02 Miditec - True Lord
03 Miditec - Midi In Emotion
04 Miditec - Kali's Guitar
05 Miditec - Over Load
06 Miditec - Rebirth
07 Miditec - Bassline Damaged
08 Miditec - Groovy Shiva
09 Miditec - Melodyne
10 Miditec - Golden Touch

Miditec is Miki Bibas (1983) based in sunny Israel.

Miditec's debut album, 'Midi Station', earned this talented producer a lot of respect and previewed Miditec's diversity, flexibility and innovative results, and brought with it many performances all over the globe.The combination of warm emotional parts, established baselines, and thick full powered sounds, results in this massive album release.

Magma Records is really proud to announce Miditec's second album 'Are U Insane'. The Album Includes 10 Tracks bearing a special and unique scent, giving you that special twists from the very first track right to the last.The album is loaded with drive and intellect, enhanced by groovy beats, tricky elements and unprecedented Vocal And Guitar use.