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Minoru - Minoru

Minoru - Minoru
LabelIono Music
Typealbum, CD

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MiNORU - Minoru


01 Minoru - Cu Soon
02 Minoru - Upload
03 Minoru - B-Day
04 Minoru - 2008
05 Minoru - Send it
06 Minoru - Cold Day
07 Minoru - Open Fields
08 Minoru - Deep Forest
09 Minoru - Reservate
10 Minoru - Noise Pulse

IONO Music welcomes the year 2009 with a new exciting version of their popular 'Private Rooms Sessions' series. Minoru is the other musical face of trance old-stager Olaf Gretzmacher, the man behind the legendary GMO project who has already successfully released three album works with well known labels like Millenium Records. Minoru's music is based on Olaf's musical education and his mellowed technical skills. His debut album is a collection of 10 warm and intelligent tracks, presented as modern electro and techno grooves, but never forgetting his roots in trance. Influenced by GMO's unique defined style this amazing album can be either enjoyed at home or on the misty-eyed progressive trance floor.

Minoru - Minoru: Front