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Miranda - Asynja

Miranda - Asynja
LabelWhy Not Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Miranda - Groom Lake
02 Miranda - Evolution Quest
03 Miranda - Anxiety
04 Miranda - Keep Calm
05 Miranda - Magnetic Levitation
06 Miranda - Visitors
07 Miranda - Hypnotic Trance
08 Miranda - Enigma

Miranda - Groom Lake

Jarod is a gray alien, about 5 foot 4. His role on his own is a translator, scientific translator, that was all.

If we wanted him to put something in the place of what they had, he had to agree with it.

I would have a question, you know, and I would bring it up in my mind, just how I wanted to present it with him, and he'd already know that I had this question and he would already have the answer for me. And if responded, it would be in my voice and you wouldn't even open your lips.

It's possible that he and a few thousand others are working on the project, either here or elsewhere...

Miranda - Evolution Quest

'There is still no such reality as ... '

Miranda - Anxiety

I don't think the human mind
was built to exist in two different...
whatever you call it..."dimensions."
It's stressful, you said it yourselves,
it gets you confused. You don't know
what's real and what's not.
But you know what's real now?
Yes, sir.

From the movie "Twelve Monkeys"

Twelve monkeys

Miranda - Keep Calm

'OK, everybody! Get right down on the floor and keep calm... calm... calm... calm.'

Miranda - Magnetic Levitation

'I'm the beginning, the end - the one who is many. '

'Are you ready?'

From the movie 'Star Trek - First Contact'

Star Trek VIII - First Contact

Miranda - Visitors

'It has been very difficult to talk about this. It´s almost like every time i narrate the story, its a little easier. When i first start to talk about it, it was like my mouth even didn´t want to form the words and the sounds didn´t even want to come out of the throat. So, i was... at that moment standing at the deck of the radar van... it was night-time and i was looking up in the sky, because there were saucers up there!'

Miranda - Asynja: Front
Miranda - Asynja: Back
Miranda - Asynja: Back 2
Miranda - Asynja: Inside
Miranda - Asynja: Inside 2
Miranda - Asynja: Inside 3
Miranda - Asynja: Inside 4
Miranda - Asynja: Inside 5
Miranda - Asynja: Inside 6
Miranda - Asynja: CD