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Miranda - Phenomena

Miranda - Phenomena
LabelKoyote Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Miranda - Steps to the Stars
02 Miranda - Subtropical Forest
03 Miranda - Andalgalorinis
04 Miranda - Labyrinth
05 Miranda - Green Man
06 Miranda - Phenomena
07 Miranda - Weightless
08 Miranda - Concorde

Miranda - Steps to the stars

'Over 25 millenia ago, mankind began the first tentative steps to the stars.'

Miranda - Green Man

'Intelligent life has visited earth before.'

'There's an irresponsible signal to the scientific community, that seems bent on proving the exsistence of little green men, and that's fine.'

Miranda - Phenomena

'Intelligent life beyond this planet.'

'A small group from S.E.T.I. search for extra terrestial intelligence used a radio dish at Arecibo to send out a message to whoever might be listening. They sent about a quarter of a kilobyte including structure of human DNA, a map of our solarsystem, population of the earth, helpful facts like that.'

From the movie 'Species'


Miranda - Weightless

'When I first got in to space, it was very strange feeling as if you was standing on your head. Because when you become weightless the fluids in your body raise to the upper part of your body and you have a feeling of a ... .'

Miranda - Phenomena: Front
Miranda - Phenomena: Back
Miranda - Phenomena: Inside
Miranda - Phenomena: Inside 2
Miranda - Phenomena: CD