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Mr Rogers - Ooze System

Mr Rogers - Ooze System
Typealbum, CD

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Mr. Rogers - Ooze System


01 Mr Rogers - Gangsta' Goose
02 Mr Rogers - Mr. Lemurian
03 Mr Rogers - Space Vagina
04 Mr Rogers - DMT Factor
05 Mr Rogers feat. M.C. Agustus - Sparkplug
06 Mr Rogers - Spooky Kabluey
07 Mr Rogers - Bahroo!
08 Mr Rogers - A Boy And His Blob
09 Mr Rogers - Tamerons Cube
10 Mr Rogers - Life

Mr. Rogers is doing big things in the west coast psy and breaks scene. His all original, funky psychedelic breaks sets have gained the attention of fellow artists and producers across the united states and have earned him headlining spots across the west coast, including most recently the Hawaiian Electronic Music Festival, the Priceless Campout, the now infamous Full Melt parties in San Francisco, Burningman, the Phoenix Festival in Washington, and many other events from Arizona, to Oregon, and Nevada.

Mr Rogers unique take on breaks is not only fun and quirky, but aggressive and full of movement. His recent Synchro remix is soon to be released on Illumination Records. He is also currently working with Phokus from Ritual Sounds, and Dirt with Cymbalic Records.

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