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Mute - On/Off

Mute - On/Off
LabelIono Music
Typealbum, CD

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MUTe - On/Off


01 Mute - Trial
02 Mute - Radioadd
03 Mute - Slow Weed Nights
04 Mute - On/Off
05 Mute - Ball 27
06 Mute - Mechanizm
07 Buttersonic - Ear peaks (Mute Remix)
08 Mute - Doing his Magic
09 Mute - Where is Eitan?

It is a big pleasure to announce this remarkable highlight on Iono Music's release plan for 2009 which comes to you in form of this exceptional and most innovative album by the Israelian MUTe. The long awaited debut work 'on/off' is the result of their intensive, time-consuming and precise work.

Always following the individual intention to cross the musical borders by combining elements of today's different electronic music genres, Liran Ackerman and Roy Sason have produced an ambitious masterpiece, a bridge from trance to techno - cool, sexy, hypnotizing and advanced in every kind of modern music production.

As MUTe is well known for the fact to spare neither time nor effort in a pedantic detail work, this album offers you tidy arrangements of well syntonized sounds, presented in a crisp and crystal clear quality.

Roy Sason started his journey into electronic music in 1995, while he was part of the legendary 'Shidapu' band together with Miki Litvak (Domestic) and Erez Aizen (Infected Mushroom). Liran got touched by music at the age of 7 when he started with piano lessons. Until he was 16 years old he performed his extraordinary musical ability in publish piano concerts. Finally both artists have included those individual technical skills and the huge musical experiences of many years in this first album work.

There are not many artists who follow their visions of music in such a consistent way. You can call their music Trance or Techno, we simply give this album the rating 'most valuable'.

You will listen to it more than twice for sure. Don't miss it!

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