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N3xu5 - Body Beats

N3xu5 - Body Beats
LabelSin Records
Typealbum, CD


01 n3xu5 - Shooting Towards The Sun
02 n3xu5 - Syntax
03 n3xu5 - The Future
04 n3xu5 - Over Again
05 n3xu5 - Project 2501
06 n3xu5 - Selling My Rebellion
07 n3xu5 - Alice
08 n3xu5 - Lisboa
09 n3xu5 - Parakapel
10 n3xu5 - Outro

After almost 2 years working in his studio & at parties around the world, Miguel Lopes aka N3XU5 is back in full force with a slightly new direction. Body Beats is flowing with psychelic waves, beautifully arranged voice samples, powerful synths, sweet melodies & high tech electro base. With the success of his debut album "Psycho Therapy", N3XU5 took his time, worked very hard & piloted his new sounds on dance floors everywhere. Each track that was brought to life has its own story to tell. Body Beats will take you on an uplifting journey into your trance addicted mind, body & soul!

N3xu5 - Body Beats: Front