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Narcosis - Exploding Madness

Narcosis - Exploding Madness
LabelMoonsun Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Narcosis - Exploding Madness (Intro)
02 Narcosis - Brain Modulation
03 Narcosis - Overdose
04 Narcosis - Confused Minds
05 Narcosis - Tost
06 Narcosis - Psychological Terror
07 Narcosis - Beast's Sadness
08 Narcosis vs Nom - Paranormal
09 Narcosis vs Sofiax - Cosmic Fear
10 5ips1s - Rats On Acid

Until the sun rises to burn my eyes... Revealing the distorted reality of my world... Traveling into the deepest thoughts of my mind... I've got to explore the dark paths of my heart... To find my deepest fears... Destination of my life... Exploding Madness!!!

Saltos Iraklis aka Narcosis was born in Athens - Greece on June 1984. From a child he learn music in a music school in Cyprus when he live there for some years. In 1996 he tried to learn some simple softwares programs to produse music. And after some years he learned fl-studio, Reason, Cubase and finally at the end of 2004 Nuendo! He studied Music Technology and Sound Engineer in a College in Athens. He played for the 1st time as a dj in 1998 in Athens. Doing he's own parties as a promoter with "Paranormal Research" from 1998 till today he is trying to support the local scene in Greece.

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