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Neelix - Same Thing But Different

Neelix - Same Thing But Different
LabelYellow Sunshine Explosion Recordings
Typealbum, CD

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Neelix - Same Thing But Different


01 Neelix - Contact
02 Rinkadink - Disco Decay (Neelix Remix)
03 Peter Gun - Hot Pant Girl (Neelix Remix)
04 Neelix - Coloured Light
05 Neelix - Real High
06 Neelix - Same Thing But Different
07 Neelix - Taxi Driver
08 Neelix - Superstition
09 Floating Stone feat. Anne Clark - Dittany (Neelix Remix)

Neelix is one of the leading producers of the 'School Of Hamburg' and is one of the few who has mastered the art of pumping, progressive Trance.He started making his name in 1998 and delivered two Albums, 'No Way To Leave' and 'Resident' and since then, never looked back.He is a resident on almost every Festival and his tracks are still the highlights of the night.

Neelix knows how to work a bass, his music is groovy and hypnotic and his melodies are fascinating. If anyone earns the name 'progressive' than Neelix does.'Same Thing But Different' is another 9 track killer Album which also features an Anne Clark Remix which is a masterpiece in dark electro trance!

Rinkadink - Disco Decay (Neelix Remix)

"I'm the great big rock boy, feel my bass you will obey, open up and lose yourself, disco beats they will decay..."

Neelix - Same Thing But Different: Front