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Neelix - You're Under Control

Neelix - You're Under Control
LabelSpin Twist Records
Typealbum, CD

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Neelix - You're Under Control


01 Neelix - I Didn't Mean To Cry
02 Neelix - Voices
03 Neelix - Disco Decay (Edit 2008)
04 Neelix - You're Under Control
05 Neelix - Dirty Buddy
06 Neelix - Smoke & Mirrors
07 Neelix - Glitter Pink
08 Neelix - Never Look Behind
09 Neelix - Sleepwalk
10 Neelix - Ask The Right Questions

After a busy summer which for instance has brought him to the dancefloors worldwide Henrik Twardzik aka Neelix is finally ready with his new album 'You're Under Control'.

With three albums and countless memorable releases since 2002 and experience in rocking dancefloors all over the world, he has already marked himself as one of the most respected progressive psytrance producers in today, and a favorite among both top DJ's and dancers alike.

After a short break with no new releases in 2008, he's ready with his 4th album, and where others have copied the Neelix-style for years, he once again pushes the envelope even further.

Once Henrik gets in front of the equipment in his studio magic starts to happen, and after long, hard work on this album, the result is an even phatter, yet much more mature sound, and the grooves are even more addictive than on his previous outputs. In short, he has outdone himself again.

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