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Nimos - Time Creation

Nimos - Time Creation
LabelSkykey Records
Typealbum, CD

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Nimos - Nimos - Time Creation


01 Nimos - Time Control
02 Nimos - Invisible surface
03 Nimos - Psy Weather
04 Nimos - Shir
05 Nimos - Time Creation
06 Nimos - Up
07 Nimos - Electric Dream
08 Nimos - Enjoy This Trip
09 Nimos - Olds Cool

Nimos is Nimrod Dovrat, based in the peaceful northern parts of Israel.

Nimos has begun producing electronic music back in 2000, sitting long hours in the studio, embracing new knowledge and evolving gradually.A year later, Nimos, decided to take this passion a step forward, he applied for a degree in Sound engineering, at Israel's leading University of Sound Profession.

These days Nimos produces, hard driving full-on trance, with touches of Progressive and Dance floor music.Nimos is already a brand name in his home country Israel, and is working hard on presenting his music to more and more listeners all over the world.

Time Creation is Nimos's highly anticipated debut album, presenting the unique style of Nimos to the masses.

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