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Nocturna - Cronik

Nocturna - Cronik
LabelInpsyde Media
Typealbum, CD

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Nocturna - Cronik


01 Nocturna - No Fear
02 Nocturna - Out There
03 Nocturna - Blasting
04 Nocturna - Nocsak
05 Nocturna - Back In Island
06 Nocturna - Craket
07 Nocturna - Loco Pirulo
08 Nocturna - Skating Solar Planets
09 Nocturna - Enterrador
10 Nocturna - Uda Project

From Ibiza, Nocturnas debut album on Inpsyde, is quality Spanish stimulating psy-trance for the twisted and never tired power morning generations. An energetic mixture of hard pounding grooves, tribal rhythms, deep hypnotic pads, swirling synths, sci fiction fx but nothing is forced into tracks for the sake of it, instead a melting pot of influences is gently stirred to offer a more organic feel that suits perfectly to any dancefloor.